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Multilingual and Multicultural people enjoy many benefits.

  • - Tasty AND healthy cuisine
  • - Flexible and creative thinking
  • - Job opportunities
  • - Makes a society more open to change
  • - Exchanges of innovative ideas
  • - Promotes humanistic values

About Me

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I have worked in international and educational environments for over a decade in both Thailand and the United States. I have created and presented training and workshop sessions for educators at the schools I have worked for. I am skilled in many software applications for office and education and enjoy working with the multi-lingual/cultural population I have committed my work life to since 1997. My goal is to nurture interest and understanding of the subject in a practical manner. I keep the classes fun and you engaged. Lessons include various activities that are geared towards student's learning styles, interest and needs.

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Thai is a tonal language which makes it very different from Western languages. Words are in part defined by the tone of the word which can make learning it difficult. Why not have fun while learning your tones?
Thai Tone Master can help!

Thai Tone Master for iOS! & Android!


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Tantalizing Thai Food

by Goi

It's all about Thai food

  • Thai cooking lesson in no time!
  • The class can be held with just two people but expand up to five!
  • Can be taught at any location with a kitchen!

It is a good and fun activity for everyone!

You can come to cook together with your partner, or get a lesson coupon as a gift for your friends and family.

View Tantalizing Thai Food Brochure here!

Save your seat now! Call Goi @ 831-888-6650

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Thai Language and Culture Program

  • I Thai Language and Culture
    • For students who are interested in an overview of Thai language and culture. Lessons will be provided based on the students' age and Thai language skills.
  • II Thai Intensive Program
    • specific to the learner's purpose, such as Thai language for business, traveling, Thai cooking, Thai history, Thai massage and Buddhism.
  • Translating/Interpreting
  • Organizing a Trip to Thailand

View curriculum information here.
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Monterey, CA


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"Kru Korrutai is a fantastic, energetic Thai language teacher! I studied Thai with her for one year while attending language school prior to moving to Thailand for my job. I went from not knowing any Thai to being able to speak, read, write and listen at a functional level. She provided personalized feedback and helped to design a program specific to my needs and interests all while making each lesson FUN! I am so grateful to have had a chance to study with Kru Korrutai; my experience living in Thailand has been greatly enriched. Thank you!"

- Steve Massara
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"I had the chance to study Thai with Goi in two settings. The first was a weekly small group class at a local community college. Goi helped all of us feel comfortable as we learned together. Every class was different, and we learned a lot of interesting information about Thailand and Thai culture along with some introductory Thai language. I also had a series of private tutoring lessons with Goi, in which I was able to expand on what Goi taught in the group class. In both settings, Goi was an enthusiastic and effective teacher. Goi's website accurately sums up that with Goi, Thai is Fun."

- Paul Dodds
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Tantalizing Thai Food Testimonials

"Very informative & delicious food.Goi was a great teacher!" - Rochelle Sigler

"Goi the food was wonderful! You are very patient with us all. Thank you!" - Lisa Reyes

"This was a lot of fun. I feel the class was nicely prepared and Goi is excellent! I can't wait for my next class." - Melinia Honju

"Lots of fun! I left with a smile on my face and look forward to trying to make this on my own." - Stacy

"I really enjoyed this class. The length was good and it was a fun and different activity for a Friday evening."
- Brandy Kanatz

"Love the food, how easy it was to make it all! Good company." - Donna

"Dear Goi, I love your class! I wouldn't change a thing. The explanation of culture, ingredients, and cooking style was excellent." - Madalyn Spivey

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